Vest for Vesterbro #6 - Dmitrij Golovanov & Kestutis Vaiginis

Dør åbnes kl. 19.30
Huset i Hasserisgade
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Vest for Vesterbro #6

feat. Dmitrij Golovanov & Kestutis Vaiginis


Vest for Vesterbro is back for a new season and we will start out with a


In this edition we feature two of Lithuania’s finest, Dmitrij Golovanov
on Piano and Kestutis Vaiginis on Saxophone. With the best traditions
and taste of Jazz preserved, their work as a duo is hallmarked by their
own individual sound expressed in profound compositions and
virtuoso improvisations.


Dmitrij and Kestutis will be joined by some of Aalborg’s finest young
players: Dan Hejslet on Trumpet and Krzysztof Maciejko on Bass.
As the new artistic director of Vest for Vesterbro, Yannick Ballmann
will complete the line-up on Drums.


Vest for Vesterbro is a concert series initiated by Tadas Pasaravičius,
in collaboration with Huset and Jazz9tus, that seeks to create
connections between musicians from Aalborg’s flourishing music
scene and musicians from all over the world. Cultural and creative
exchange are essential aspects of any artistic endeavor - this holds
true for music as well.


While rooted in but not limited to Jazz, we strive to create unique and
enriching experiences for our audience as well as for the participating
musicians. For it is them who will negotiate the musical terms on stage
in an exciting quest to finding truth and meaning in the music they
present and hopefully create connections that will enrich their creative
lives well into the future.


This event is in collaboration with the Lithuanian cultural attaché in
Sweden, Finland and Denmark with support from the Lithuanian
Culture Institute.


More information on our guest musicians:


Dmitrij Golovanov - one of the most prominent piano players in Lithuania
with great knowledge of jazz language and mature taste. His flexibility
allowed him to participate in numerous collaborations yet finding his own
sound both on acoustic piano and in the area of experimental electronics
and live-sampling. His dynamic talent, skills, expressive and profound
playing style allowed him to become a remarkable figure in the Baltic jazz


Besides winning several local and international jazz competitions and
becoming a semifinalist of Montreux Jazz and finalist of European Jazz
Competition Dmitrij gained experience in such stages as Jazz Jamboree,
London Jazz, Pori Jazz, etc. Among other recordings that he participated
as a piano or keyboard player, he released 7 albums as a leader or a coleader and another dozen as an arranger/producer and performer.
Kęstutis Vaiginis, saxophone player, composer, initiator and leader of a
number of international projects.


Kęstutis Vaiginis plays original compositions, which are modern jazz and
academic music combinations . In his music is strong feeling of latin, bebop, Afro music styles.


Since then, as a member of various collectives the saxophonist performed
his compositions not only in Lithuania, but also the Netherlands, Spain,
France, the USA, China, Japan, Malaysia, South Korea, South Africa,
Germany, Poland, Turkey, Brazil, Azerbaijan, Russia, Scotland, Georgia
and Belarus.


The list of his former and current stage partners includes such jazz
coryphées as Barbara Dennerlein, Hernan Romero, Alex Sipiagin, Boris
Kozlov, Donald Edwards, David Kikoski, Ed Howard, JD Walter, Adam
Cruz, Dave Allen, Daniel Messina, Randal Corsen, David Berkman, Ferit
Odman, Joonas Haavisto and Deniss Pashkevich, as well as Indonesian,
Korean and Italian musicians. The musician is a member of Lithuanian-Latvian-Estonian Tree Stones Quartet , Domas Aleksa band and Dainius Pulauskas Group.

As a leader and guest musician of various collectives he appeared in
prestigious festivals including Nord Sea Jazz (Rotterdam, the Netherlands),
London (UK), Ottawa (Canada), Cape Town (Republic of South Africa),
Glasgow (Scotland), Paris Jazzy Colors (France), Tokyo Jazz (Japan),
Istanbul (Turkey), Jarasum Jazz (S.Korea), Baku Jazz (Azerbajzan) and
Hong Kong to name but a few, toured in Malaysia, China, Brazil, South
Korea. The saxophonist regularly takes part in Lithuanian jazz festivals.
His discography amounts to four personal albums; his compositions were
included in several music collections.


“His vision is wide-ranging from the subtle to the provocative, rooted in an
appreciation of tradition and yet looking forward”,
said Steve Wilson, an
illustrious American saxophonist, about Vaiginis’ Unexpected Choices
recorded with acclaimed New Yorkers

Dør åbnes kl. 19.30
Huset i Hasserisgade
3'eren / Salen
Mad & Musik
145 kr
Start aftenen i Husets Café kl. 18.00 med dagens vegetariske ret
50 kr